Educational Tours

Here we provide information about educational tours:

Tickets to the butterfly house cost ¢3,000 adults and ¢2,000 children.

The tour lasts 2 hours, we usually start at 9 a.m. due to a light and heat issue inside the butterfly house, but we adapt to the schedule that is most comfortable for our clients.

The tour includes:

  1. To start the children start with the snack that each student brings to the tour.

  2. We continue with the visit to the laboratory where we see the process of metamorphosis, we have access to eggs, larvae and pupae. According to the age, we adjust the explanation in the form of a story for the youngest or more scientific for those of more advanced ages.

  3. Then we go to the Butterfly House where you can see Costa Rican butterflies of more than 20 species, highlighting without a doubt the morpho (blue).

  4. Finally we develop a creative activity that complements the visit.

We also offer you the possibility of each student taking the chrysalis home to see it born.

The cost is ¢3,500.

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